Tuesday, January 8, 2013

summer time and the new year.

we have had a hot couple of weeks. the past two days have been about 38 degrees. oh yeah.
jarrad and i really enjoyed the last portion of my holidays relaxing hard.

on thursday, we had a few farewell beers with my sister at little creatures and made watermelon-mint icy poles.

on friday, we spent time at home working on some projects (we didn't quite finish up but hopefully soon). then we explored the twilight hawkers market in perth and got some gumbo, spud on a stick, satay, mexican paletas, and macarons. 

on sunday, we took a visit to the fremantle markets and ate the best curry pies ever (i am still thinking about my butter chicken pie) and then caught up with friends to discuss the year ahead.

now i'm back at work and feeling restless. ugh. i even went running today and sweated my socks off. summer, i love you, and i'm trying to appreciate the hot stuff while it's here.

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