Thursday, February 21, 2013

twenty six.

Last Friday, I turned twenty six. I took a day off work and gave myself some treats. I woke up to presents in bed with Marsh, he gave me a lovely dress I'd been wanting, a book about the meanings of flowers and a really fun pen(cil). Then I got my hair and eyebrows done (and met Annaliese in the process) and did some shopping. Oh, the relaxation! It's been a long while since my hair got attended to.
We went for lunch with my parents and sister to The Merrywell, which is delicious! I visited Rachel, got my nails done, and then went back to my parents' for cake and to play with Wolfie. I just luxuriated, it was wonderful. Later, some friends joined us for drinks at Bar Lafayette. Delicious cocktails, amazing duck shanks, giggles and good times.

In the morning, I jokingly told Marsh that now I was 26, I felt I should put on my suit, buy a house, have a baby, and get some grown up braces (Invisalign, hello!) Ummm, not quite. I do own a suit, so I guess there's that. Otherwise, I'd say I'm fairly on track, yes? It feels like a good age and a very exciting time of my life.

Dress: ASOS, Shoes: Swedish Hasbeens, Necklace: A Merry Mishap

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