Friday, September 7, 2012

on this week.

Good morning from my kitchen. It's lighter in the mornings now, so the sun is up when I go for work. Although it's been a cold week, it's been fresh, sunny, windy, the birds and out and about! While running this week, I passed very close by two kookaburras just chilling out on a sign. They are majestic and down right cool birds.

I feel like all I do is complain around here but this week was a stressful one. A week where I just felt plain overwhelmed and bombarded, where work was draining, where deadlines added up, where uni tutors gave me hassle for missing classes for work, where emails in my inbox stared at me all angry like, and where decisions were hard.

Marsh helped me turn it around with ignoring some text messages, a little girl & boy time, a visit to see my family and play with a puppy, and making time to go for a run (c25k 4.1, which i totally rocked). By yesterday I was feeling much more upbeat and singing the glories of Friday. I think the fact that tomorrow night I hit the road for 10 days helps. There is something so nice about saying, "I'm going out of town, I won't be replying to your emails, leave me alone!" ;)

Before I get on the plane, I've got some serious stuff to get done, like ironing everything, packing a suitcase, downloading uni readings, going to the library, two rehearsals, a dance class, friend time, boyfriend time, finding some accessories (dress straps! other earrings!) that seem to have wandered, and getting some sleep! Wish me luck!

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