Tuesday, September 4, 2012

on week days.

Our weekend was a busy and wonderful one. We spent a lot of time together with friends and family, seeing bands, eating a lot of pizza, brunching, lunching, celebrating a dear friend's 40th birthday, and napping! Rare joy of joys! I took a bunch of photos with Marsh's snazzy camera that I will share soon, huzzah. Add in a five hour rehearsal on Saturday morning, which has left me with some killer bruised knees, and you've got our weekend.

During the week, things get hectic, work is draining (emotionally, not physically) and there is a long list of things to get done. This sort of soul suck often casts static over the crazy enjoyable, enriching times that do happen. Like coming home to a hot dinner and cuddles from a lovely boyfriend, long Sunday lunches with my family, and just all my friends. Love that stuff, I truly do!

(P.S. It's a rainy week in Perth and I haven't started week four of c25k yet. I rocked through week 3, finishing on Friday, but week 4 is scary! Run for five minutes? Y'all are cray-zay.)

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