Saturday, September 8, 2012

on the whole30

Kathleen makes a really good point that the focus on food that the Whole30 requires can make you crazy! Part of my hope in doing the program twice was to internalise a few of these good habits so that I can make these positive choices for my tummy out of habit, not because I am constantly obsessing aware of every little choice. The Whole30 is easy in terms of making the choices quite simple (chocolate? no. zucchini? yes. soy sauce? no. almond milk? yes, if there's no added sugar). But the constant stream of dancing cupcakes in my brain during it really made me feel deprived sometimes. On the other hand, I am now very aware that this feeling of deprivation is just. in. my. head.

Benefits I have gained from this experiment include more consistent energy, generally feeling healthy, a happier tummy and less bloating (although I've not entirely done away with it), leaner body, less PMT symptoms, and sleeping really well. I didn't notice any change to my skin, like a lot of people seem to, but (dare I humble brag? ;) my skin is pretty rad anyway.

The only things I genuinely miss are chocolate and wine, but I'm alright with them being once in a while things, rather than the dailies they have been in the past. There's also nothing like a real soy milky coffee (now I drink flat whites, not lattes) once a week or so. In general, I am happy to go on eating this way 90% of the time and really hope I can keep it up.

Lessons I have learnt:
  • Regular exercise is damn important (no news here!).
  • I love to eat! I eat frequently and what feels like a lot. That's ok, as long as I'm hungry and eating good things.
  • There's no substitute for fresh vegetables and fruit.
  • My tummy does not mind whole grains in moderation.
  • Dairy enhances my allergies and makes me phleghmy.
  • Drinking alcohol sometimes makes me sneezy.
  • Sugar wreaks havoc on my energy levels and I feel a lot better without it.
  • There is sugar in everything! When you read labels, you quickly discover just how insidious it is. In savoury foods, in bacon, in spice mixes, in sauces, in sausages. Everything.
  • Mah guts no likey really spicy foods.
  • Miso, as I've previously discovered is bad town, not sure about soy sauce, etc, but soy milk seems to be generally okay.
  • My eating is strongly linked with my emotions, but if I wait out the urge to eat, I can make it through.
  • Just eat it because it is good for you! Most of the time it can be delicious!

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