Sunday, December 30, 2012

2012, instagram review (part I)

Goodbye to 2012! Thankfully we have Instagram to help us reflect, so let's go!

We rang in the new year dressed as zombies and zombie killers (although I spent most of the night sitting drunk under a tree),
we picnicked on New Year's Day to farewell Brad & Tahlia as they moved to Sydney,
I donned full makeup in 40 degree weather to help out a friend, and the green team rocked the Summer Swing Smackdown.

In January, we also said a very sad farewell to our dear friend, Paulie, who passed away unexpectedly later in the month. We still miss him terribly and this was a difficult time for our community, of which he was a much loved and appreciated part.

We celebrated Laura's (not 21st) birthday, started hitting the local farmers' market,
I turned 25 (and got new glasses and leopard print shoes),
we performed & hung out at Perth's Fringe World festival, and I saw Death Cab for Cutie at the Perth Festival.
(We also celebrated Valentine's Day, missed our friends who had moved east, and I performed as a Ninja in my friend's burlesque show.)

I hit the books back at uni, we tried cheeseburger sushi for the first time,
we enjoyed pizza & pint at the Scotto, saw Bon Iver in the hills,
had a bit of a wild party, and farewelled Anna, who moved to Sydney.
(I also saw Ryan Adams at the Perth Concert Hall... ooh, I love him.)

We had a quiet Easter with our families, hit up the Angove Street Festival (we got rained out),
Kathryn and Clint moved to Melbourne (boohoo), I went to Canberra for the first time on a work trip,
then I caught up with my sister in her new home city.

In May, there were hotdogs, we moustached up for our friends' Mexican fiesta,
Josh, Laura and I had a little photoshoot for our upcoming Fringe show,
Jarrad and I enjoyed the Perth Hills Rose Festival, and Trevor, Ben and a random guy shared fashion tips.

Jarrad and I took a relaxing trip to Broome where I read the whole Hunger Games Trilogy,
we started rehearsing our Fringe show,
Kathryn came for a visit, and my parents got a new puppy, Wolfie!


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