Friday, August 10, 2012

on blogging

Blogging. It's an idea that's been floating around in my mind for a while. I read a lot of blogs, they're the modern sitcom stories of our day, in a way. Mostly, I want to record this life I'm living. Take more photos, focus more on the positives, make my story a little bit more significant and real (to myself only) by documenting it.

What will that look like? I don't know! Hopefully it will be full of experiences, friends, family, and love. Sunshine, sparkles, and adventures. Probably some hard stuff too, but that's a part of life that has to come. Just a story about what it means to be 25 and living life in Australia, eating snacks, taking on too many projects, traveling the world, and lovin' on my boyf.

So I'm giving this a shot. Let's see how it goes!

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